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BOOKINGS Why do we need to book? How do we book? How do we cancel? Why isn't the booking going through online? Why do we need to book? We have ALWAYS been bookings essential well for the past 30 years! We plan our days around bookings, so farm work, staffing and general jobs are all planned on what bookings there are. If you turn up without a booking you may or may not be able to enter. It's not worth the risk... ALSO some days we close for family visits this maybe because a school or business has exclusively booked the property. We don't want any upset little visitors so best to book so you know. How do we book? Visit the general farm visit page the booking link is at the bottom. How do we cancel our booking? It is EASY. Head back to the contact us page and send through the form with uour booking Id we will cancel you. Why isn't my booking going through online? Well this is the most asked question! CLICK PAY IN VENUE!! We are alittle old fashioned and we DO NOT take payments online. So click pay in venue and pay on the day. WHY you ask.... Well if you are sick, it's pouring rain or something else has come up.... You haven't paid any money so you can just cancel and visit us on another day without loosing your money. We do ask PLEASE CANCEL this can open a spot for another family.

ACCESS Is the farm pram or wheelchair friendly? The farm is located on the side of a hill with the barn the flattest part of the farm. The paths are rocky and farmy. Prams are fine but strollers are not. Wheelchairs can be difficult getting up the hill on the first part of the walk. There is more information about wheelchairs on the disability group visit page.

GIFT VOUCHERS How do I purchase them? How do we use them when booking? PURCHASE To purchase a gift voucher you need to do this on the gift voucher page on this website How do we use our gift vouchers? Book online as normal. 1.Pick the date and session time 2.Fill out your details 3.Click pay in venue 4.On the day bring your voucher along - we will deduct your voucher at the farm gate from your ticket.

PASSES Can we by a season pass, yearly pass or membership? We do not offer these at the farm.

WET WEATHER / RAINY DAYS Is it muddy at the farm? Its not muddy on the main walkways... however after a few days of rain there are muddy spots around and if your kids are the adventurous type the could find this mud. Best thing is to make sure they have older footwear on and bring a change of clothes... just in case! RAIN We open 7 days a week rain or shine. It is up to you if you want to visit us in wet weather. The animals have shelters beside the main walkway however our visitors do not so wet weather gear is a must. We do also suggest if visiting the farm its best to throw in a spare pair of clothes.... just in case!

OUR ANIMALS How many are there? What animals are there? How many animals are there? On the farm we have about 500 animals from the smallest chicks and ducklings to the largest cows and ponies. Throughout the year this number does go up and down depending on what rescues we have had come in, what babies we have had born and what we have moved off to have a rest at one of our other farms What types are there? We have all farm animals - Cows, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens ducks and even deer and many more. Where did the animals come from? We have a mixture of rescues and ones we have bred ourselves. Our animals are only bred on occassion and we don't breed for production purposes. Where do you RESCUE the animals from? We help out rescue organisations like the RSPCA, Sydney dogs and cats home and other rescue groups along with local council rangers with rehoming and rescuing farm animals that have been dumped or surrendered. We also head out to large farms when they call us to rescue babies that have been rejected or when the mums are not able to raise babies due to conditions ie drought or floods. Can we buy an animal from the farm? From time to time we do sell our animals as PETS ONLY. There are strict guildlines we have when we have families looking for that new pet to add to the family. So be prepared for us to ask ALOT of questions. Adding a new pet to the family requires some thought so we don't sell animals on the day of a visit to the farm. We need to rehome a animal can you help? We do our best to help everyone however it is not always possible due to biosecurity and of course space. If we can't help you we try to offer advice on where else to try.

VISITORS Are you a childrens farm or can adults visit? We are both. We are an educational farm for school children, our main business is school educational excursions BUT we open for EVERYONE. Anyone who loves animals will love the farm. If you do visit on weekdays you could possibly see 100+ laughing smiling children some who have never seen animals up close before! Do worry tho we do our best to keep you apart from the school whilst you do your activities.

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