FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

How many animals are on the farm?

Onsite we have around 500 animals from the smallest duckling or chick to the biggest bull. Sometimes throughout the year during birth seasons or peak business times we may have an increase of numbers.

  • Do you have Eftpos or Card facilities?

Currently we do not, though we are looking at introducing this in the future as the business grows.

  • Is the farm wheelchair and pram accessible?

We often have wheelchairs and prams on the farm and we always try to make their visit very accessible.

  • Why do you only open for certain hours and have a specific start time?

As we are a farm, before we open we are milking cows, feeding baby lambs and goats, collecting eggs among other farm work. Our activities are aimed at young children and we find that with some young kids a short visit to the farm is more then enough. In the afternoon we have more work to do and vehicles to move around the farm. Unlike the zoo where most animals are looked at, our farm is very hands on and we cannot have them being held, milked and fed all day due to their health and safety.

  • Why do some of your cows look bonier then others?

On our farm we have both dairy and beef cattle. Beef cattle store weight on their body and distribute it differently to a dairy cow. Dairy cattle use food to turn it into milk and don't store excess fat on their body. This also goes for similar dairy animals like dairy goats.

  • How long have your family had the farm?

We have owned the farm for around 30 years and has been a farm for families to come to for over 40 years.

  • Where do your animals come from and where do they go?

Most of our Animals are orphaned as babies, for example, many of the baby lambs and baby goats come from large farm where the mothers have not wanted to feed their babies. We get calls from our farmer friends asking if we would raise them. We take them on for the kids to pat, feed and brush. As they grow we find homes on peoples properties as pets or they become grazing animals on another farm. Also many places like the RSPCA ask if we are able to take on some of the more unusual animals that need homing of the farming variety. None of our animals are used for production of meat, actually most are our pets and have names.

  • Why do you ask for bookings? Do we have to pay in advance? What if we cancel?

As we are a family run business we need to make sure we have adequate supervision and facilities each day people come in. Some days we are fully booked out, and if you turn up without a booking, we could have to turn you away . Also some days we have 10 people coming in and we don't require as many resources on a day that's quiet. Your booking or phone call to check you can come on in saves us a lot of organisation and ensures your day is up to standard. No payment is required in advance and if you cancel that's no problem it helps us adjust our figures if you let us know. You can always move to another date.

  • Do you have a cafe or food available?

Currently we do have a cafe/kiosk at the farm which only is open during weekends, public holidays and school holidays. Sometimes during the year we may run events which will include food, an option to purchase food and/or a pop up cafe. There are plenty of picnic tables to bring food along and eat here if you wish and if you have a group and would like to use a BBQ just let us know so we can save you one. There is no cost and you just need to bring along whatever you need.

  • Do the Gift Cards have Terms and Conditions?

Yes, They are listed here and on the Gift Card page. Terms & Conditions - Golden Ridge Animal Farm Gift Cards. 1. Any value remaining on or total value of gift card(s) is/are not redeemable for a cash equivalent. 2. All gift cards remain the property of Golden Ridge Animal Farm. 3. The issuer of the gift card(s) is Golden Ridge Animal Farm and the issuer reserves the right to decline the validity of any gift cards at any time. 4. Gift cards are exchangeable for entry fees only. 5. All gift cards are valid for the period of 12 months from date of issue. 6. Limit of one (1) gift card to be used per group per transaction. 7. Above terms and conditions are governed by Golden Ridge Animal Farm and are subject to change by either addition, alteration or omission of clauses contained within the terms and conditions. 8. Golden Ridge Animal Farm reserves the right to suspend, cancel or otherwise change the gift card promotion and this is at the absolute discretion of Golden Ridge Animal Farm. Gift card holders may be notified at time of change where practicable. 9. Gift cards are only valid at Golden Ridge Animal Farm's primary place of business: 686 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW 2158 Australia. 10. Gift cards are not transferable nor refundable. 11. When gift cards are surrendered for entry fees, any subsequent value remaining on the gift card is forfeited and change will not be issued. 12. For further information relating to gift cards, please contact Alisa Nye via email at: info@goldenridgeanimalfarm.com.au 13. Gift cards, design, images, logos and contact information, layout and format Copyright 2014 Golden Ridge Animal Farm 2014. 14. Terms and Conditions correct as at 19th November 2018. Version 1.3



Mobile Display FAQ's:


  • Can the display times and sizes be varied?

Yes, we are able to set up displays for all different sized events and areas. We provide animals for the Sydney Royal Easter Show and Melbourne Royal Show in huge displays, and we can do a small setup for 1 hour at a kids birthday party. We can tailor any sized display for any need.

  • Is a pen for the animals provided and what else can be brought?

We supply the full set up for the display and ensure its a safe enclosure. Some displays do not require a pen and if you would like one there can be an additional charge. If a flooring is required to contain mess we must know at time of booking so we can supply one on the day. We can always bring a tarp along to protect the floor. We also bring all the other requirements for the display except water which close accessibility is required when booking. Shade can also be provided but wont usually be brought unless specified in the booking as we have limited shade systems.

  • Why don't you take a piglet or calf on display?

By our choice we don't bring these animals as standard display animals on any of our displays. Piglets have two very sharp rows of teeth that can be used to bite. Also they are known to eat animal feces which causes the spread of disease among people and livestock. This meaning they are to be transported separately and penned separately from other animals as per DPI (Department of Primary Industries) guidelines. We can bring piglets but may incur an additional charge. Calves are a large animal which if they are to tread on a young child's foot can cause great harm. Also calves are known to spread Ecoli to humans which can be widely passed on to other people. We choose due to safety not to supply these on display as a standard animal. Please ensure after touching any animal you wash your hands with soap and then sanitize your hands.

  • Will touching animals make you sick?

 Touching animals won't make you sick but feces (poo) can as long as you wash your hands after touching animals or poo you will be fine. If hand washing is not available then sanitize your hands.

  • Do you provide hand sanitizer?
    Yes we do provide it for all our events.

If you have any other questions feel free email us.

Thank you Alisa Nye 


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