Are you looking for our PARTY ANIMALS to visit you...

Are you celebrating a special occasion and are wanting us to bring the party animals to your home or party location?

Celebrate your special occasion at the Farm

with UP TO 35 guests!! updated 1/5/21


2 hours


First 30 minutes

  • Interactive and hands on activities in our barn area. These activities are self guided by parents but a staff member will be there watching. This is where you get to cuddle chicks, ducklings rabbits   and 

  • Have a go at milking our big dairy cow - I wonder who will milk her the best in your group!

Next approximately 1 hour 

  • Self guided walk around the farm  Here you can hand feed over 150 animals! 

  • Visit our chooks in "The Chook Yard"

  • Go free range in our OPEN PADDOCK.... yep you can go run with our goats!



  • 11.45am – 1.45pm (11.30 arrival and 1.45 pick up)

  • 12.15 pm – 2.15pm (12.00 arrival and  2.15 pick up)

  • 12.45pm – 2.45pm ( 12.30 arrival and 2.45 pick up)


​Your booking can be UP TO 35 people (no more) ....including adults, children and infants.

read FAQ regarding visitors


PRE ORDER before the day individually packed kids packs from the kiosk nuggets (4) & chips with a popper and sauce sachet $10.00 each. These will be ready when you have finished your farm activities     or

BYO party food and cake

You have approximately 30 minutes ONLY to have food and cake which is included at the end of in your 2 hour session time.


Adults- $20.00 each

Children - $20.00 each

Babies (0 - 12 month olds must be booked in however not charged entry).


3 Free Buckets of animal feed

EXTRAS - Pony Rides $5 , Feed buckets $5 and Diggerzone $5 per token

Egg collecting - Collect your own eggs to take home $10 per dozen

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to pay for all the adults?

Yes and No, ALL adults and guests must be paid for whether YOU pay for them or THEY pay for themselves. It is up to you. Any person who enters the farm property will need to be paid for. 

  • What if a parent is only going to drop a guest off?

We have an area that you can wait for your guests to arrive and also for collection. We ask that parents drop off at this spot and arrive 10 min prior to pick up at the same spot. If parents are staying on the property they will be charged admission.

  • Can I have extra guests on the day?

No, due to Covid restrictions we can only have a certain number on the property at once. If you are under the 35 people limit please contact us and we will see what we can do.

  • Can we book any other time?

The ONLY party sessions we have are at the times listed. We are unable to accommodate party bookings at any other time. 

  • How long can we celebrate at the farm after our session?

You are on the property for 2 hours ONLY this includes all activities. You will need to take this into account when organising your party. If you are wanting a relaxed party afternoon maybe just do the farm activities here and then head to a local park and celebrate the occasion there.

  • Can we eat lunch or have our cake first?

If you book the 11.45 am session your farm activities will START at 11.45am. ALL farm activities have to happen first with the end part of your session as free time to have cake, do pony rides, use digger zone, have a bite to eat. we are unable to book you earlier to do these beforehand.

  • Are there more catered options?

No not at the moment

  • Have you got a picnic area or BBQs we can use or can we bring our own?

Yes we have a picnic area this is outside and tree shaded. there are plenty of tables in this area to use. In the case of rain we have a small area that is a shared zone. It can only be used once your animal activities are finished.

We  currently have no BBQ facilities and no you are unable to bring your own

  • Can you store our food or cake?

No not at the moment you will need to bring eskies with you.

  • What if I have more than 35 guests?

At the moment due to covid restrictions and keeping in line with our covidsafe procedures. You can't have more than 35 guests per session booking.

  • Will there be other farm visitors with us?

Yes there most probably will be. Due to the covid restrictions. Party parents will need to keep your group together

  • How will you keep us Covid safe?

We have set up certain procedures that we are operating  by to keep our staff and visitors safe. However all visitors must abide by the 1.5m social distancing rule as stated by the government. We have been advised this includes having guests at your party, they must also abide by this around the farm and whilst in the picnic area.

EVERY guest will need to check in using our Service NSW QR Code 

  • What if I book for a guest and they don't show?

That is fine you only pay for who has arrived and shows on the day.

  • Are your session start times flexible what if a guest is running late?

Yes and No! If you book for a 11.45am start time you will need to be ready to start at that time. We suggest you tell your guests to arrive 15 min before your session start time. We have several session start times so pick one to suit you.

  • Do you have pony rides?

Yes we do!! They are $5 per ride you and are suitable for 12 month - 6 year olds.

All children MUST wear a bike helmet so please bring this along with you.

  • Can we use diggerzone?

Yes you can $5 per token (1 token = 1 ride) - remember we can only have 10 people in the indoor diggerzone at one time and is part of your 2 hour session time.


As Birthday parties on our property are required to have their own covid safe plan due to NSW health guidelines.

You will need to CLICK HERE to view this plan.

We require you to sign and date the plan and return to us. when your booking is confirmed.

Booking Form

Fill out the form, we will return an email if the time or any details are not able to be processed the same day otherwise  we will then send you back you booking ID for your visit along with a form that needs to be signed and returned

If you would like to ask us any questions or to discuss your party.

Feel free to put them on the form or phone us on 96511028

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