Ten News Story

We have been inundated with messages of support and love since this was aired. There was quite a bit of important information that wasn't aired or was not aired correctly!

1. We are NOT closing - this was a worst case scenario if lockdowns continue - no visitors, schools can't excursion and events and parties can't happen. 

2. We wanted to get the message out there that not all small business are the same. The governments needs to stop putting all small businesses under the same banner - we are not all the same.

3. We were wanting the Local government to help small business this support does not always need to be monetary giving support, compassion and guidance to small businesses can go a long way!

As for Donations and how you can help.

1. We have been preparing for another lock down since the 2020 one. We have plenty of feed supplies to get us through.

2. We are not wanting/ needing donations - at the moment ....we are ok! There are alot more small businesses that were not prepared for this that are struggling that need this more, but THANK YOU all so so so much for the thoughts.

3. If you really really really want to help, Book in a visit to met us and our beautiful animals, keep us in mind for any events you are hosting, You can always purchase a gift voucher for someone as a experience gift... or if you have visited us before tell EVERYONE what a great time you had! 

Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the support it means more than anything to know we have such a great community surrounding us.

If you have any questions please contact us we are more than happy to answer them.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept dine and discover vouchers? Yes we do. You can use Discover for the farm entry and you can use Dine for food purchase

  • How does it work? You book your spot online, click PAY IN VENUE and bring along the voucher/s. At the farm gate we scan your discovery voucher/s and deduct the amount off your booking total.

  • Can we pool our vouchers?  YES you can - 1 Voucher PER service NSW ACCOUNT can be used. Account holders MUST be present as per vouchers Terms and conditions


  • Book online as normal. Pick date and time

  • Fill out your details

  • click pay in venue

  • On the day bring your voucher along - we will deduct your voucher at the farm gate from your ticket.

Contact Us

Fill out the form to contact us regarding any questions you have.

(see FAQ above first)

If it is a booking cancellation, transfer or reschedule or update please include your Booking confirmation number.

Any urgent booking enquiries or issues please phone us on 96511028 ( although email is best and often answered more quickly)

Office hours 9 - 3 pm - 7 days a week

ALL farm visit bookings must go through the online booking system- no NEW bookings will be taken from this form.

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686 Old Northern Road, Dural, NSW, 2158


Farm Entry and Access: Cnr Old Northern and Wyoming Road, Dural.

Farm Entry is in Wyoming Road



Phone: 02 9651-1028

Email is the best contact

Licence and Public Liability

At Golden Ridge we are trying to inform people about Our Licence and why it is so important for them to hire a company which holds one.

Our Licence number is L00150 and the Authorities are the Department of Primary Industries.

The DPI inspects and checks on all the licenced animal farms, zoos, mobile zoos, farms and the circus.

They look out for the animals welfare giving rules and guidelines for the display of all animals.

If you hire a company who does not have a licence and something happens it will void the public liability of both you and the unlicenced company.

To receive a licence we are inspected twice a year both at the farm and on display.

Golden Ridge holds a $20 million public liability insurance cover.