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Educational Visits

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(School term farm visits)

Visiting The Farm....... 

Everyone who comes to the farm gets involved in the farm activities and the farmers spend time with each person so no-one misses out. 

Limited space available as we normally only have one school group per day on the farm


Golden Ridge over the years have developed an educational program that is both fun and interesting for the children. It teaches children about farm life, farm animals and how they help us. At Golden Ridge our aim is to spend quality time with each child that visits. This means every child will get a turn at every activity which is an integral part of the learning process.


The program can be based on the age of the children attending the day.

Activity One


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When you arrive you'll head down to the picnic area for little lunch, and off to the toilet if necessary.

The farmer will then take everyone into the barn and give a talk involving the farm rules, farm dogs and an educational talk about the smaller animals lisited below this includes what they are, what they eat, the proper names and how to hold them.

Activity Two

After the talk we then put the children in small circles and each child will get to hold each animal.


• Chicks 

• Ducklings

• Rabbits

Activity Three

We then take the children around the farm to see and talk about all the bigger animals and feed the sheep and goats with bread, pellets or chaff.


Activity Four

The walk finishes in the dairy where we sit everyone down and talk about the cow, What we get from milk and why the cow has milk.

When the children have all had their go at milking the cow they go to the toilets to wash their hands.

Lunch Break 

Children are to bring lunch along with them on the day.

We no longer are offering the catered lunch option.

Activity Five

IMPORTANT - This activity can only take place if we have baby animals available - however if animals are limited we may only be able to let 1 or 2 students to have a go.

After lunch we show the kids how we feed the baby lambs and goats (kids). Then each child gets a go at  bottle feeding our lambs and kids.

Activity Six

We then have a final discussion with the children and they can ask any questions they have about the farm. We will also ask the children questions about the farm. After the final talk we ensure the kids use the toilets then back on the bus.

(The program can vary depending on the group size)

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