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digger zone   digger  zone   digger zone

Here are our Digger Zone Rules

Diggers are machines and could be dangerous.
To be fair and safe... PLEASE FOLLOW OUR RULES.
1. Only one adult and one child, or just one child
alone, at a time on a digger. Other children
must stand clear .
2. If there are other children waiting, only have
one turn, then line up again for another turn.
3. Do not let your children into the sand digging
area if it is not safe.
4. Do not leave your children unattended in this
5. Do not let your child press the emergency
stop button.

6. Use diggers at own risk

What you need to know about Digger Zone

  • Digger Zone is open everyday that the farm is open.

  • It is accessible to daily pass holders only - so if you come to visit the animals you can also access the diggers.

  • Be aware you only join in with one farm tour per day so if you have purchased your pass to be apart of the tour if you are busy on the diggers and miss the tour, unfortunately we can't redo the parts of the farm tour you missed.

  • The diggers are accessible from 10 am till 2.30 pm.

  • The diggers are token operated $5.00 per ride​ or 5 for $20.00 Tokens are available from the entry counter or the kiosk.

  • No age restriction although we do have a restriction of only 1 adult and 1 small child or just 1 child at a time.

  • We ask that NO ONE stands in the Yellow painted area.

  • NO ONE is to access the sand pit area.

  • The Diggers are MACHINES - Do NOT leave your child unattended.