Vacation care

We have currently put all vacation care farm visits on hold - until our farm restrictions have eased and all Covid 19 guidelines become available.



( UPDATED 12/1/2021)

 With COVID we have had to change how we operate each day at the farm and therefore we have had a restructure this includes our vacation care program

About your visit......

  • You have a 2 hour booking this limits your contact with other farm visitors, this also has been advised to us by NSW health.

  • All our activities here are interactive, with all children and educators participating in each one. 

  • The educator will have their own small group of 5-7 children that they will take through each activity. Our farm staff will be guiding each educators along the way.

  • Each small group will head off in 3 different directions and start with a different activity each. This limits the amount of people in our indoor space. At each activity indoors each childs wrist band will get stamped so that we know everyone has partaken in that activity.

  • You will be given a copy of our farm rules each educator will need to make sure their group adheres by our rules. These rules keep us our animals, our visitors and the students safe.



  • Handling- the children will sit down and each get a turn of holding a baby chick, duckling and rabbit.


  • Farm walk- we all go for a walk around the farm and hand feed the animals. Buckets of feed are available to purchase in small and large sizes.

  • Open Paddock – This is a paddock that everyone can enter and play with our goats.

  • The CHOOK YARD - Go and visit our free range chickens and see if any of them are laying eggs.

  • Cow milking – In our dairy you will meet our cow and have a turn of milking her and afterwards give her a pat. If the children a nervous they are invited to just come up and pat her. This activity is good to get pictures of the children.

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