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Farm History: Our Story

Lots of people ask about the farm when they visit the history, the work, the animals and the family.

So I thought I would write some of the recent history down.


Golden Ridge has been running as a children’s farm for 47 years, it has been owned and run by my family for the past 32 years. John and Elke Nye (Mum and dad) took over the farm when they became sick of living and working in the city both had grown up with farming and had animals in their heart, so this was a good way of having a small farm close to the city doing work they loved. Mum and dad continued to run the farm, look after the animals and help teach and entertain children for 15 years.


Then one day we found out mum was sick she had been diagnosed with cancer and became ill fast in 1999 I left school at the end of year ten only 15 years old to help with the running of the farm as it was now too much for dad to do with mum sick. It was not until 2002 that mum passed away at the age of 49 leaving dad with the 5 children the youngest 8 years old to look after.

I was just seventeen when I took over the farm and I work here almost every day. It’s not quite like a normal job with office hours, days off, and holidays. Not that I mind I love the farm it is just so much work but it can also be very rewarding and best of all i can bring me 2 young children to work with me.


There was a lot of work that needed to be done on the farm and still more to do now but slowly I am getting it done. Unfortunately it takes time and money both I am short on, but it will happen I have great plans for the farm still and I have started with the new gardens new fencing and new animal shelters.

 I know what we have here is great people tell me everyday how great it is the kids have fun with the animals they learn some things as well and it is a nice day out.


I hope to have the farm looking its best and a few new and exciting things within the next few years.

I hope to see you out here soon enjoying your visit with family and friends. It’s the fun days spent together that you and your children will remember forever.


Alisa Nye


Golden Ridge Animal Farm

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