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Country Cousins - Largest Mobile Display

The Country cousins display is the largest mobile display on wheels. Although we can do larger dislays this is the ultimate in portable farm displays. The portable barn itself is 28ft long and 15ft high and can carry over 75 animals.


What animals we provide is listed below:

A Pony or Donkey

Mature Goats

Mature Sheep

Baby Lambs

Baby Goats



Hens and Roosters




Sheep shearing also available

Cow Milking is also available


The display can be set up as large as 12m x 12m and the kids can go inside, feed, pat, brush and see all the different types of animals. There is an entry and exit gate going into the barn so everyone can walk through seeing the rabbits, bantams, large sheep and goats.We hand out brushes for the children to brush the animals. They can also buy a cup of feed if they wish to feed the animals. The barn has a fold down platform which can hold sheep shearing demonstrations and has an area inside which can hold a cow milking demonstration. Most importantly, the kids and their parents can go in and interact with the animals.


We do not charge admission to our displays, whether you would like to have an entry fee or not is up to you.

You will also receive 4 free family passes to the farm valued at $200.00 (which you can use for raffles or fundraising).


If space or access requirments do not allow, we can also design a similar display without the barn.

Contact Us for more information.

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