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YEE HAAA....... you are a party guest!



686 Old Northern Road, Dural

The farm entry is in Wyoming Road

The party parent has either made the choice to include 1 or more parents OR they are only covering the cost of the invited party guests. They will state this on the invite.

The group stays together and participates in different activities together. If you are invited we ask that you do help if needed at different times. 

Over the last 20+ years we have had 1 party booked in for 20 people blow out to over 60 on the day with all the extra guests we had one booked in for 15 and on the day 50 people turned up..... Dads mums, siblings, cousins, grandparents and it goes on and on. Everyone gets excited to visit the farm! Party parents have to draw the line somewhere. Please don't feel upset if they only include 1 or even no extra guests... BUT If you decide you would like to visit on the day with extra family members, please head to our online booking system and book into the same session as the party is. This way you are doing the activities in the same time frame as the party but at your own pace.

DRESS CODE - Some parties like the guests to wear farm themed clothes this will be stated on the invite


Otherwise, we recommend that the guests come in good outdoor clothes and white is not the best colour on the farm! 

FOOTWEAR  - Old runners or closed toes shoes are the best footwear. Thongs or Slides are NOT suitable

Part of the party is outdoors so make sure sunscreen and hats are worn on sunny days or raincoat is brought in rainy weather.

GUEST ARRIVAL TIME - 15 minutes prior to the party START time on the invite.

GUEST PICK UP TIME - 10 minutes prior to the FINISH time on the invite. 

DROP OFF / PICK UP SPOT - in the grassed area in the carpark. Please wait here.

We ask that once you have dropped off the guest, please leave the carpark as the visitors who have booked in need these parking spots as you will be able to see parking is an issue for us.

Dropping off a guest and heading out to explore our beautiful local area... Here are some local places to visit or things to do.

1. Dural Putt Putt

2. Visit Glenorie - This is where to can pop into 2157 Homewears and gifts, Grab some yummy cakes from Glenorie Bakery or sit down in Glenorie RSL club for lunch. Glenorie growers markets are also on monthly ( check their facebook for details)

3. Wild Pear Cafe - Reservations are advised

4. Cafe Ser

5. Head out for a drive and visit some of the roadside stalls including Nati Roses (Saturdays)

6. Fagan Park

7. Sydney plant market on Annangrove Road

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