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Media and Press Release


THANK YOU for visiting this page of our small family run business. We have never asked for help.


For generations our small family run farm has been there for your family and friends as a fun day out spending time with the ones you love, making memories and creating new experiences

TODAY we are asking for your HELP!

Normally, our Easter Period is filled with so much FUN, LAUGHTER and SMILES.

Our mobile farms are in full swing, Easter events and markets are happening, the fun of Bunnings family nights are going on. Our animals are headed to the farmyard nursery at the Easter show , our farm family and staff are buzzing with excitement of the pending show! 

Our farm is Full of vacation care kids learning about animals, Families are visiting daily, Our extremely popular Easter event is getting sorted, chocolates purchased ready for hundreds of families to go search for. The staff are happy, and our the farm kids are loving life!


Like many businesses needing to stop trading due to this crisis, We are there also. We are lucky that we quickly changed our business model and offered private tours (at a very cheap discount- because breaking even is better than nothing and everyone is doing it tough!)

The issue with our business is unlike most we still have animals to feed, care for, attend to and clean! We have over 500 farm animals! These animals have mostly been with us since birth, we have raised them as part of our farm family. 

and  Our beautiful staff are no more we are now completely family run - this is the saddest bit some of those staff have been with us a long time...we have had to let them go, we just can't afford them -  this shows the love they have for the farm some are returning Volunteering there time to help care for our animals.

WITHOUT YOU visiting, SCHOOLS visiting, VACATION CARE coming, Our popular EVENT running, MARKETS going it goes on and on.





Good question.... Well we have suffered through years of drought, we can't sell our animals because no one had grass, feed has been so expensive and it still is! When we do sell our animals we only sell them to homes as family PETS..... selling them at markets and other places is not what we do! 

It costs us over $900 a DAY to feed our animals. We used all our reserves up over the last 3 years as the feed costs tripled  in some cases.

We DON'T get any funding, farm assistance or grants from the government.



Thanks for asking!

  • Buy a gift card 

  • Buy a showbag

  • Buy a help out pack

  • Book in your mobile farm for a party

  • Buy a pet 

  • Buy your animal feed

All the details are below


Thank you........ thank you....... THANK YOU for taking the time to read our story. We are grateful if you can help but if you can't we totally get it. Please just continue to share the love on social media, keep commenting, tagging, liking and sharing, doing this is keeping our little farm dream alive.... every little bit counts! 

Please visit us again when this is all over.

If you have ANY questions for us, ANY ideas for us WE are ALL EARS OPEN! Please we will take any advice or help you may have.

Please contact us using the form below or call us on 96511028

Thank you again

Alisa Nye


Golden Ridge Animal Farm


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