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We would LOVE to join in the fun how do we book?

Bookings are made through the link below. You only BOOK NOW and pay at the farm only so click the PAY IN VENUE button
I am an adult do I need a ticket?
Yes you do ALL visitors to the farm need a valid ticket
My child is 13 months old, Do they need a ticket?
Yes all visitors over the age of 12 months old do require a valid ticket. This ticket also allows you to purchase a pony ride for them. Children under 12 months are unable to ride due to insurance.
How come your egg hunt is the fairest in Sydney?
Firstly, we have been running this event for 10 years- so we know what we are doing! 
Secondly, we only allow a few
families in at a time into the Egg hunt area, This allows each family to take pics, and explore and hunt the plastic eggs, without being bombarded by a heap of kids running at once and grabbing eggs!
and lastly, the little egg bucket is exchanged for a gift bag- SO EVERYONE GETS THE SAME THING.

My child doesn't like chocolate eggs.... what do you provide instead?
Well, you lucky we cover all bases. Not only are there only a few small chocolate eggs there is also a few lollies, toys and other fun things in the gift bag.
Should we cancel? or C
an you move our booking?
We spend alot of time setting up our INDOOR egg HUNT- in the past it was out in a paddock.. But with the weather we just can't risk it... We turn our storage barn into a HUGE indoor EGG HUNT. So you can visit in all weather. The other activities are indoors however the farm walk is OUTSIDE so you will need to bring an umbrella along on the day. This event books out so we can't move bookings unfortunately.
We can't make it anymore (sad face)
What do we do?

Let us know! PLEASE we can open that last minute spot up so someone else can come and enjoy the day.
You click the link on your ticket, email to contact page or Facebook message us.

I can't see the price... How much is it?

We have kept the prices the exact same as 2023 the cost of living has gone up so we decided not to!
Friday, Saturday & Sunday - Adults are $32.50 each and Children are $37.50 each
Thursday is discounted - Adults are $27.50 and Children are $32.50.

Babies (12 months and under) are Free - No egg hunt prizes for babies.
There is no public holiday surcharge on these amounts HOWEVER card payments have a surcharge. cash payments do no

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